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    • CommentAuthordongfang
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2015
    Heavy calcium carbonate roughing primarily using raymond mill, finished size of 200-400 mesh. Then the ultra-fine processing equipment? If using a jet mill, feed size 400 mesh, after three times the average particle size after pulverization was reached 2μm, which accounted for 49.5% -2μm If using ultrafine grinding mill for TSP, product fineness can reach - 2μm accounted for 80% -90%, but the need to achieve the multi-stage grinding fineness requirements, high energy consumption.
    Shanghai ZENITH after years of research and development and the introduction of vertical roller mill, used to grind superfine heavy calcium carbonate having a great effect. ZENITH now take a customer's Hunan heavy calcium carbonate plant to demonstrate actual production case ZENITH vertical roller mill and explore reasonable grinding process conditions.
    1, vertical roller mill grinding speed affect GCC ultrafine grinding effect of vertical roller mill
    On vertical roller mill, the rotational speed is an important factor affecting its productivity. The faster the speed, the friction between the probability of increased media vertical roller mill, grinding efficiency increased accordingly. However, if the vertical roller mill speed is too high, easy to throw grinding media, grinding efficiency does not improve, it is necessary to select the appropriate speed.
    2, the concentration of calcium carbonate opposition grinding superfine grinding mill TSP impact
    First, define certain other conditions, when the concentration of 30%, the grinding fineness of 86.2%; grinding concentration of 60%, the grinding fineness of 84.1%. Visible grinding concentration also has some influence on the grinding effect. We generally in the preparation of calcium carbonate will choose a high concentration of heavy calcium carbonate as wettability, viscosity is very small, even dubbed the 60% to 70% concentration, its liquidity is still very good, the product is generally not need to filter it can be used directly.
    3, vertical roller mill grinding medium quality influence effect of ultra-fine grinding of GCC vertical roller mill
    In general, medium quality increase, increase the grinding efficiency, but medium quality to a certain height, the grinding fineness not increase. For example, when the quality of medium 25kg, grinding fineness -2μm accounted for 80.2%, medium amount of 40kg, the grinding fineness -2μm84.1%.