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    • CommentAuthorvipeak06
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2015
    Lime powder is a raw material commonly used in industry, particularly in the construction industry, the use of a huge amount of lime powder, can be said that the main raw material in the construction industry. Depending on the fineness, use lime powder is not the same, mainly divided into industrial use, the chemical industry with lime powder, this type of industry for the fineness of lime powder is relatively high, so the machine has produced lime powder what does?
    Production of lime powder grinding mill machine have? In the limestone flour mill in the production of lime powder used machines are jaw crusher - for just the limestone mining to primary crushing, high pressure medium speed mill, overpressure V-type milling machine, Q5 European version of the ultra-fine grinding powder machine equipment - mainly responsible for the limestone milling operations. Limestone mill machine according to the processing requirements of different fineness and yield to divide, general purpose can be achieved 80-2500 fineness, intrapartum 0.5-50 ton processing requirements.
    Nissan 500 tons of powder machine how much money a? A few days ago there was a line of customers at this consultation, the main purpose is to process 200 limestone, working 10 hours a day, you want to Nissan 500 tons of production, then that is when 50 tons of production capacity, so we recommend a suitable mill machine equipment, currently on the market can be achieved when producing 50 tons of mill is not much, but Vico Heavy overpressure produced V-mill and the latest R & D success of crank mills and open type mills are to meet the production needs of the user.
    Nissan 500 tons of powder machine does not contain only flour mill, jaw crusher needs, hoist and other equipment, understand the detailed requirements of the user, we will provide you with customized manufacturing solutions and provide the most reasonable price , such as the need to understand the Nissan 500 tons of powder of how much money machine, please contact customer service online or call the 24-hour sales hotline: 0371-67771006.
    stone powder mill: