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    • CommentAuthorvipeak06
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2015
    Bentonite our rich mineral resources, a wide range, wide distribution area, production and exports in the first three rank in the world, is a layered montmorillonite bentonite-based natural non-metallic mineral raw materials, with good physical and chemical properties, do suspensions , stabilizers, binders, filling material, thixotropic agents, feed, clean bleaching agents, catalysts, etc., in light of agriculture, and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and many other fields have a wide range of applications.
    Bentonite ore grinding mill after the subject at a higher price in order to be applied to these areas, but not relying on a single mill can be achieved, you need the entire mill production line equipment. First by jaw crusher for crushing to a certain size chunks of bentonite, and then transported by the bucket elevator and electromagnetic vibrating feeder to the mill for grinding inside the host, you need to configure the fan, centralized electronic control and other auxiliary machines.
    What market bentonite grinding mill production quality is good? Market mill grinding mill variety, from the earliest Raymond mill, high pressure mill and later, to the ultra-fine powder can be processed ultrafine mill, mill technology is constantly upgrading update, and the market is currently the most exclusive products Vico Heavy - overpressure V-type milling machine, which combines ultra-fine powder with a large production capacity in one, both to meet user requirements for fineness, but also to achieve a single device high-volume production, effectively reduce production costs.
    Vico Heavy Industry as one of the largest mills export manufacturers that make advanced technology followers, more advanced technology to do the creators of efforts to develop new products and continuously improve the technical level of products to meet customer needs for maximum power has now successfully developed: High-speed milling machines, overpressure V-type milling machine, Q5 European version of the ultra-fine milling machine, crank-type milling machines and other adapt to the development and utilization of bentonite milling equipment, can meet fineness and production of various customers' needs.
    stone powder mill: