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    • CommentAuthorvipeak06
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2015
    Pyrophyllite is a clay mineral, and often presenting tabular crystals prolate crooked grain, mostly leaf-shaped, fibrous, radial and flaky block output. Color is white, there is a sense of grease gray, light blue, light yellow, light green and other colors, if touched. Pure nature pyrophyllite mineral aggregates output is rare, generally by a similar output of mineral aggregate form. Ore in bulk, mainly associated minerals quartz, kaolinite, boehmite, sericite, pyrite.
    Pyrophyllite after industrial processing mill after mill, very versatile, industrial applications of different fineness are not the same. Pyrophyllite mainly used for refractories, ceramics and sculpture materials; secondly also used rubber products, cosmetics, pesticides and other fillers and carriers. New uses for paint pyrophyllite is also making good siding materials, may also be used to make white cement.
    Pyrophyllite grinding machining processes used in ceramics, paper, pesticide carrier such as pyrophyllite, often required fineness of 200 mesh, whiteness above 85%, then the process in addition to the coarse, medium, fine, but also with crushing mill, to beneficiation, even bleach to meet the requirements, then more wet jobs. Common principles of process: pyrophyllite ore → washing → crushing (crusher) → broken → crushing → grinding (mill) → re-election or flotation (flotation machine) → classification (sedimentation pond or water cyclone) → purification (bleach) → filtration (filter press) → dry (dry or chain plate dryers) → pulverized (ultrafine mill) → finished.
    How much pyrophyllite milling machine, grinding grinding mill machining processes in pyrophyllite, pyrophyllite mill is essential equipment, Vico Heavy overpressure V-mill R & D technology with reference to the results of the most advanced mills, according to the domestic market, the actual use of the grinding mill needs positioning, combined with foreign research and development from the development trend of the mill. Vico Heavy Industries mill for 20 years, has been praised by customers, our products are exported overseas, come to my company to buy the product, we will based on your specific circumstances, to choose the best, most suitable for your device and provide the most economical and reasonable offer, we look forward to working with you.
    stone powder mill: