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    • CommentAuthorvipeak06
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2015
    Throughout the mining machinery industry, there are a variety of broken equipment, but crusher sand production line is an indispensable equipment, especially in the road rock crusher stone crushing production line, the application of the crusher more widely. From the broken material, the back-breaking against breed more extensive, such as limestone, granite. In addition, from the crushing effect, the impact crusher crushing effect is significant, granite pavement dedicated to handling plastic materials especially for crushing work. Feed rotor speed is a very important parameter, its production capacity and crushing efficiency impact crusher which, let each of you to resolve.
    Feeding speed rotor impact crusher production capacity:
    Increase must be a corresponding increase in rotor speed material into the rotor speed, otherwise there will be too crushed, too many other negative effects expected return. In the process design, the rotor speed is different feed production capacity can reach different, can feed by adjusting the rotor speed to achieve the required production output, and this regulation may reach nearly 60%.
    Feeding speed rotor impact crusher efficiency:
    Crusher of the material in the feed rate into the rotor when there should be a reasonable range, which should comply with the maximum and minimum speed. In the actual application process, where the material is good should be broken with large velocity, the material should be used poor broken little speed. In either case, its value can not exceed the scope of computing.
    Feed rotor speed on the board hammer wear:
    Feed rotor speed will affect the number of times the size of the plate hammer impact materials, the design and selection of the device, the feed rate of the size of the device will affect the number plate hammer impact crusher impact materials. In the actual work process requires a stable flow rate of the material in the process. Feed rate is small, then hit more often, the board hammer Face ground quickly rounded corners, this state makes a lot of material on the red, the result is always repeated crushing of material in the first crushing chamber, which not only increases the number plate hammer blow, exacerbated wear plate hammer, and make back-breaking broken material over crushed phenomenon aggravated produce excessive powder phenomenon caused serious time into the feed chamber blocked, a sharp decline in production capacity.
    impact crusher: