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    • CommentAuthorvipeak06
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2015
    Blast furnace slag that is, the inevitable product of the steelmaking process, due to backward technology, there is a big disadvantage of the steel slag recycling, many steel mills still take the traditional approach pile, the results take up a lot of land, environmental pollution, destruction of ecological landscape, it can be said that this practice is extremely inconsistent with the basic national policy of sustainable development, therefore, in order to develop a recycling economy, zero emissions slag and normalized steel enterprises become an urgent task facing.
    We all know that the slag rock crusher can be used as railroad ballast and road materials with high strength, abrasion resistance and slip resistance, durability, and low maintenance costs; In addition, the slag is rich in calcium, silicon, manganese and trace element, it can be used as manure residue in acidic soils. China's current production of small amounts of slag cement, the use of converter slag mixed with about 50% granulated blast furnace slag, about 10% gypsum, slag cement clinker grinding no, or about 15% less cement clinker grinding slag instead of cement clinker. In addition, slag can be manufactured brick, tile, and other construction materials carbonation. Before using steel slag crushing need for certain treatment, so as to ensure that the slag cement production to meet the size, construction and paving and other raw material requirements.
    What good slag crushing equipment? Slag processing priority is to make piles of slag crushing and screening, the use of crushers and screening machinery, Vipeak Heavy Industries to provide 200t / h for slag handling solutions. For slag, slag and other difficult processing solid waste, Vico perfect jaw crusher crushing process and power-saving features ideal for applications requiring production of green; more importantly, the crusher crusher squeeze, so easy loss of a small number of pieces, so as to save a lot of late replacement parts costs.
    How much is a slag jaw crusher crusher? Quote slag crusher is no clear figures, we first need to understand your production needs,, according to the user on the yield and the expected size of the different models used to determine the primary crusher equipment, and then configure a production line for you, slag crusher fineness Vipeak Heavy Industries can be set according to the needs of users thickness, yield greater use of the effect is more prominent, is your choice for processing slag, slag crusher how much money one, please contact customer service online or call the 24-hour service hotline: 0371-67771006, Vipeak Heavy total group of all staff will be happy to serve you.
    jaw crusher: