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    • CommentAuthorvipeak06
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2015
    At present, China is still a coal-fired power plants as the main way, every year a large number of coal consumption, environmental pollution has become increasingly serious, a lot of sulfur dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, acid rain and other inclement weather frequently occur. As the global community environmental protection mean gaining the upper hand, to solve the fundamental problems of environmental pollution, power plant desulfurization is particularly urgent and important.
    Thermal power plant desulfurization environmental protection has been a major event, desulfurization methods are many, mainly limestone / lime - gypsum variety of methods, spray drying method, after Furnace Sorbent Injection furnace humidifier activation method, flue gas circulating fluidized bed method, etc. . All along, calcium FGD desulphurization plant is the most widely used, it is through the limestone ground into a fine powder, as an additive pulverized coal, pulverized coal by high temperature of sulfur chemical reaction, thus reducing the sulfur emissions into the air and reduce environmental pollution.
    Fineness calcium limestone desulfurization requirements, whether manufacturers buy limestone or limestone shipped to the plant by dry ground into a certain fineness limestone powder, which are related to the degree of ground limestone. Vico Heavy Industries plant desulfurization special limestone mill, according to different technical requirements, easy to adjust the particle size and fineness of the finished product, in the case of feed size 300-400mm once into a powder, product fineness adjustable . High yield, pollution and other advantages.
    Calcium desulfurization mill manufacturer Vipeak Heavy Industry response to the national environmental protection requirements, exclusive introduction of foreign advanced grinding technology, in one fell swoop launched the world's most advanced power plants, steel mills and blast furnace gas desulfurization system --- Q5 enhanced grinding mill machine, the machine launched reversed the long-term dependence on imports of similar equipment history, with Japan, Germany, the United States, Finland and other countries on environmental desulfurization equipment manufacturers and research institutes design matching, achieved impressive export performance, and success used in large power plants.
    grinding mill: