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    • CommentAuthorvipeak06
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2015
    Ultrafine mill ore prices, Vico Heavy ore ultrafine mill can work continuously, using pulse dust collector, grinding cavity without rolling and screws, using high-pressure centrifugal induced draft means, and works entirely conventional mill different, low investment costs, the recovery period is short, long life, generally more than one year, grinding cavity safe and reliable operation, product fineness, environmental pollution, which uses highly efficient pulse dust collector, the entire device during operation no dust pollution, reducing noise, in full accordance with national environmental standards to organize production, has played a role in environmental protection, it is grinding powder, ultra-fine powder of the best mill equipment.
    Ultrafine mill Suzhou 300 mesh to 400 mesh, 300 mesh to 400 mesh ultrafine mill can choose my company's Q5 European version of the enhanced ultra-fine milling machine, the device is Vico Heavy authoritative expert Fusion Powder Europe's advanced grinding milling technology, and after a lot of practice, carefully developed with international advanced level of high-end technology equipment. The machine has a host speed conversion, curved duct without resistance, grinding ring pressing external adjustment features.
    Vico Heavy ore ultrafine mill has many advantages: low investment costs and high yield. In the same fineness, the investment is less than the jet mill, low cost, short payback period, high yield more than 45%, and the final fineness disposable reach d97≤5μm; long service life. All wearing parts are made of high-quality domestic and wear-resistant materials, grinding cavity without rolling, no screws, bearings and other seals so delicate problem does not exist, to avoid screw loosening and destruction of machine problems, and therefore life long; environmental pollution. Efficient pulse dust collector, the whole equipment operation process, no dust pollution, mufflers and silencers room configuration, reducing noise, in full accordance with national environmental standards.
    How much the price of ore ultrafine mill, ultrafine mill ore price depending on the device model and different, Vipeak Heavy Industry provides one-stop turnkey project for the user, based on material, production, fineness user to tailor customized production program, please consult the website customer service solutions and equipment to obtain pricing information, you can call our 24-hour service hotline: 0371-67771006.
    fine grinder mill: