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    • CommentAuthorvipeak06
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2015
    Fly ash is a coal-fired power plants in the finely pulverized coal boiler combustion byproducts, is an active mineral powder resources, it is the largest parcel of industrial waste. Fly ash recycling is inseparable from the full support of the processing equipment. After a fly ball mills and other dry or wet process can be primary, secondary and tertiary preparation of ash in cement. Through ball sander milled material fineness 40-60um, the sieve is less than 3%, in exceptional circumstances, fine of up to 10um or less.
    Fly ash grinding mill grading, Shandong Zibo large fly ball manufacturers. Ash Processing Flow: The ash (or sand, stone powder) by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, belt conveyor into energy-saving ball mill, fly ash (or sand, stone powder) after ground with ash pump They were sent to the slurry tank storage. Lime by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, belt conveyor into the jaw crusher broken, crushed lime by the bucket elevator into the lime storage bin, and then by a screw conveyor into the energy saving ball mill, finely ground material after by screw conveyor, bucket elevator into the powder ingredients compartment. Note: According to materials and methods of discharge, optional dry ball mill and wet lattice-type ball mill.
    Vico Heavy Industries mill fly ash, fly ash ball mill, ball mill combines the advantages of domestic manufacturers of similar products, having a feed large diameter, large output, low power consumption, small, high reliability, and other advantages. With the specifications of the product on the market than 40% energy saving, production increased by 20%. Its unique design spout, and the design of dust removal device. Packaging head can be equipped with automatic loading, fineness can be adjusted according to user needs. According to user needs production, fineness requirements design and manufacture special ball fly actual needs of users.
    Shandong Zibo large ash mill manufacturers, Vipeak Heavy Industry has set ash mill equipment, to provide you with equipment selection, fly ash grinding mill grading design, the entire milling process configuration and post equipment installation welcome to inquire our technical staff, to provide you with one-stop shopping service! 0371-67771006.
    mineral mill machine: