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    • CommentAuthorvipeak06
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2015
    Crusher is our most popular stone crushing equipment, bulk material through the jaw crusher crushed, through the crusher for further crushing and sorting grain type before we can meet the specifications of the stone building standards, impact crusher rotor structure mainly by the impact of the way to make the stones produce a stone or stone blacksmith and crushed stone, gravel and crushed grain through rotor counterattack after more rounded stones conform specifications.
    Hammer crusher is an important wear parts, and withstood the strong impact of various materials and wear high-speed rotation, the consumption is very large, in order to propose specific measures for improvement, we must understand the reasons for the wear caused by the hammer, the following combination of hammer on their own situation and experience to analyze the impact crusher hammer wear causes:
    First, improper selection: hammer wear resistance and hardness of neither alone, nor alone with toughness related, but complement each other high hardness and good toughness. Currently the high manganese steel is the material used hammer, hammer mill if the surface is not subjected to sufficient stress, produce enough hardened layer, due to the large manganese austenitic stability, and its high content of austenite organization, its surface lower hardness, high wear resistance is not natural.
    Second, the impact of the actual working conditions: high fierce steel hammer did not form in their work effectively hardened layer, so that the hardness of the hammer job performance can not play up to the standard required to work, so do not wear very hammer, life is greatly lower than the life expectancy of the design.
    Third, water treatment unreasonably tough: high manganese steel hammer material needs to be tough water treatment to increase its hardness and toughness, but the manufacturer during tough water processing, processing temperature, holding time and heating rate no strict control, and there is no oxidation and decarburization noted when insulation, it is likely to cause the production of substandard hammer, thereby causing severe wear in use.
    Fourth, the friction hammer and materials: the crushing operations, only a few materials can block into the combat zone, and most of the material, especially bulk materials, only one end into the strike zone, so cause sliding friction materials and hammer and adhesive powder back panel make more serious friction, causing its rapid wear. In view of this situation, Hongxing Heavy users of the materials for the pre-treatment is recommended, as far as possible to the material in the powder, dirt and moisture advance screening.
    Fifth, the broken material substandard equipment requirements: different models of crusher have to adapt their broken material, if the hardness of the material outside the specified range of the device, it will increase the degree of friction with the hammer, causing hammer wear.
    Zhengzhou Vico Heavy perennial production and sales operations in the crusher, crusher for R & D studies are more crusher use Learn more about our company, please always pay attention to developments. More crusher models, impact crusher prices If you are interested in our machine, please contact us 8637167770550
    hammer crusher,hammer mill: