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    • CommentAuthordongfang
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2016
    The development of social economy and the speedup of infrastructure construction put forward higher requirements. Cement and concrete is the foundation for nation-building. It directly influences the quality of constructions. For this reason, how to improve cement quality has become the key to the development of cement industry.
    Now to promote cement quality, lower down production cost and improve management have become the focuses of cement production enterprises. More and more cement preparation companies begin to pay close attention to cement and concrete industry and the investment in cement production increases gradually.
    At present, as the market demand of cement increases obviously, the demand for sand and stone aggregates also grows bigger and bigger. Confronted with the various problems in cement industry, a lot of enterprises now start to seek for new ways out. Sand and gravel aggregate industry begins to combine with the cement industry, and the investors in this industry are rushing to adjust the industrial structure in order to satisfy the requirement of the current infrastructure construction.
    For the production of sand and gravel aggregates, aggregate diesel engine jaw crushers is a set of essential equipment. ZENITH Machinery is a professional manufacturer of crusher machines in China. Our double toggle jaw crusher machines have been widely used in sand and gravel aggregate production and cement preparation. ZENITH has been devoted to researching and developing crusher machines for years. The high efficiency jaw crusher toggle plate developed by taking in many advanced technical achievements abroad plays an important role in accelerating the progress of cement and concrete industry in domestic.