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    Blast furnace slag is an industrial waste discharge system smelting pig iron from the blast furnace hearth.
    Blast furnace slag applicate in[url=]cement plant[/url] !
    From the point of view belongs to the chemical composition of silicate material, but also melt at high temperatures 1400-1600.0 formed to facilitate the processing of building materials made from many varieties: water quenched into granulated slag (the slag) is the production of good raw cement, slag bricks and blocks; by acute cold or expanded beads into expanded slag slag, do lightweight concrete aggregate; blow molding can manufacture all kinds of slag wool insulation, thermal insulation material; resistant cast molding to do grinding hot casting slag; slag invasion of cold heavy blocks of stone can be used in place of ordinary construction projects.

    1-650.jpgWe will blast furnace slag refined into powder, the resulting substance can replace part of the cement and concrete materials, cement and concrete made this way have a good low heat, wear and durability, used in major buildings when the effect is very good.

    Chaeng can provide all kinds of blast furnace slag grinding equipment, which <a href="">GRMS slag vertical mill</a> can be set crushing, grinding, drying, separator, transportation as one, with high grinding efficiency, big drying capacity, product fineness is easy to adjust, low noise, low power consumption, the process is simple significant advantage wear small operation expense, to meet an annual output of 20 to 150 tons of slag powder production line project.

    If you have any questions ,You can consult online, or send a message to us , we will send the detailed information to you !