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    Generally speaking, ball mill gear ring was successfully cast,which need to go through several important aspects of drawing deepening casting process design and processing, CHAENG (Great Wall) Steel Casting has been more valued R & D capabilities and advanced production technology.

    Ball Mill Ring Gear .jpg

    First, the inside design process of our products. Ball mill gear ring casting process design is directly related to the large gear quality, performance and other factors. Reasonable casting process designed to optimize the performance of the large gear, and improve the life of large gear.

    Second, the appearance of the product design. Many believe that the large gear foundry design does not affect the quality and performance of the large gear ring, so often ignored design large gear ring. In fact, this idea is wrong, to some extent, the design can affect the user's choice.

    In addition, the large ball mill gear ring casting enterprises should closely follow the trend of the times, the constant use of advanced design concepts. For example, in the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the growing shortage of resources, green design has become the people's inevitable choice. This new design is intended to ensure that the basis of product performance, quality of the above, to protect the environment and save resources purposes. This new design concept has been applied to the design of the product which will certainly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.