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    November 2015, the Soviet Union, Indonesia and CHAENG ( Great Wall Machinery ) signed an annual output of 300,000 tons of nickel slag grinding production lines , now has four months to go through, the first batch of equipment has been fully completed package ready to go in the workshop, the second batch of product design schedule already coming to an end. This marks the CHAENG exports turnkey production line won the first battle.

    The turnkey project exports relative to domestic regular projects in the end what is the difference and the new features? He has the use of what new technology? What are the main and auxiliary equipment upgraded? Great Wall Machinery of the nickel slag powder production line leader will introduce one by one:

    Features one: the project all equipment using the latest CHAENG series set in Salt Lake colors scheme, and a new LOGO, so that the project people have a refreshing feeling visually.

    Features 2: feeding systems, long distance, difficult terrain, the project feed from pit to nearly 400 meters back from the frame material, the material after several transport belts, belt feeding a total of eight, flat and yard elevation + -0 to partially form grinding stepped down to -12 meters. Feeding belts need to cross the fence, gas stations, highway outside the plant from the ground through the gallery to back feed into the frame.

    Features 3: except vertical roller mill base, material library foundation, foundation stove, fan base, the other on the ground part of all steel structure, especially the dust collector frame, which is the conventional construction of the CHAENG production line is different.

    Features Four: Due to the limited site area, gear oil stations and compressor stations are not located on a separate frame construction, but on the dust collector frame on the first floor electrical room is also located on the first floor, the second floor also put part of the low-voltage cabinet the second floor is not provided in the control room, central control room located in the office building, the project covers a minimum.

    Five characteristics: according to customer demand, the project increased the mixing process and tons of packaging technology, mixing technology is the material material and nickel slag cement bunker within the compartment by mixing up to library materials through accurate measurement, tons of packaging is nickel slag powder or cement plus nickel slag powder loaded into big bags direct sales.

    In addition to these five characteristics, the CHAENG nickel slag production line part of the equipment were upgraded, while also opposing the mill process was optimized, please next update.