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    In May, Zhengzhou, China has become the focus of the world! China-EU high-level political dialogue and trade forum, the first Chinese archeology of the General Assembly, China (Zhengzhou) International Tourism City Mayors Forum, China (Zhengzhou) Second International Conference and transnational technology innovation and entrepreneurship super heavyweight four international conferences, etc. transfer Conference, the forum was held in Zhengzhou, China, Zhengzhou, and when the "host."

    Zhengzhou, a modern international commercial city is rapidly rising: Zhengzhou Airport gets "air Silk Road", China Unicom world; Zheng trains connect Europe "Land Silk Road", the Asia-Europe service; cross-border trade network "E with E Road," the global trading .

    Dense road and railway networks, has Xinxiang and Zhengzhou and the country as a single entity, and to narrow the distance with the world through the CHAENG of Xinxiang Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou, Xinxiang CHAENG relying on regional advantages, catch a ride in the world economy and trade enterprises "going out" strategy to accelerate the pace. CHAENG reached in the production of large vertical mill, ball mill, rotary kiln equipment new heights.CHAENG is slag powder equipment manufacturers.

    "Along the way", temper forward

    Located in the Central Plains CHAENG seize the country "along the way" strategic opportunities, on the road before the international development of enterprise stride. Show leveraging the 19th Russian International Mining Machinery Exhibition intelligence mining machinery and equipment exhibition, the second session of the Sino-Russian Fair, The 17th China International Mining Conference, and so has great international influence, CHAENG make the world more Learn the extraordinary quality of Chinese large vertical mill, ball mill, rotary kiln equipment systems integration service providers.

    November 2015, CHAENG virtue equipment manufacturing vertical mill, ball mill, rotary kiln, design and development, quality control and perfect after-sales service and other aspects of the powerful strength, and Indonesia Suzhou Steel Group signed a 300,000 tons of nickel slag production line turnkey contracts, industrial waste grinding equipment landed in Southeast Asia, which is CHAENG grinding industrial waste processing production line turnkey service to the world a new starting point.

    Enhance service, forging brand

    May 2013, CHAENG in Zhengzhou established e-commerce, open the "Internet + + casting machinery" marketing model, to connect the world by means of Baidu, Google, and other search engines and Alibaba B2B platform for global customers to provide standardized, specialized diversified, personalized one-stop total service, in addition, set up offices abroad to facilitate foreign trade enterprises to carry out cooperation.

    To meet customer demand for integrated procurement, CHAENG in the original "One vertical mill 6 service", based on the slag line integration services for a highly scalable system, launched a new "One vertical mill eight service" mode that the slag-line 2.0 system, trying to build the world-class integrated service provider brand grinding system.

    Future, CHAENG will continue to forge ahead for the world to provide high-tech, high-quality grinding equipment!