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    • CommentAuthorYumy
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2017
    Okuma has released what it describes as one of the world’s first "done-on-one" machines - the MU-6300V LASER EX and the MULTUS U3000 LASER EX. The machines are capable of milling, turning, grinding, 3D-metal printing, and heat treating for a range of workpiece sizes and shapes.
    Hardening is carried out on the machinesHardening is carried out on the machinesThe company says the machines provide stems from their integrated on-machine hardening which is intended to provide a solution to what can be a bottleneck in production. Compared to hardening by conventional heat treatment, the process is said to be quicker and to cause less distortion, resulting in increased throughput.
    Both machines use a Trumpf laser beam source to enable stable processing over long runs. They also support laser metal deposition (LMD) techniques for both large-capacity and high definition additive manufacturing.
    Their laser spot diameters of 0.4-8.5 mm provide for high throughput regardless of application, the company says. In addition, 3D molding, coating, and sectional repair of heat-resistant alloys and highly rigid materials are available. Other claimed features include that they can handle workpieces of many sizes and shapes and can meet the quality demands for key aircraft components
    Furthermore, the machines use Okuma’s OSP control which allows for "Internet of Things" connectivity within the production environment. The machine tools therefore are expected to meet the quality requirements of industries such as aerospace machining.