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    • CommentAuthorYumy
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2017
    Mastercam's 2017 Mill software package offers what the company says are a number of new capabilities aimed at expanding machining flexibility and increasing speed and automation.
    A maximum depth setting simplifies semi-finishing routinesA maximum depth setting simplifies semi-finishing routinesTo streamline and simplify workflow the software supports what the company describes as region chaining preview, which allows users to see their machining, air, and containment regions. It also introduces micro lifts which use a line-of-sight approach to move the tool through unobstructed areas. As a result, reposition moves are now claimed to be more efficient, less complex, and to involve a shorter travel distance which in turn creates smaller file sizes and improves cycle times at the machine.
    Meanwhile, a maximum stock engagement setting facilitates the selection of a previously made stock model and the setting of a maximum depth to enable a limit to be set on how deeply the cutter engages uncut materials. The company says this is something likely to be especially useful when semi-finishing a part.
    Elsewhere, an ability to create a perpendicular fill for a raster toolpath allows raster passes to be limited after which the area involved can be filled with perpendicular raster motion to create a more consistent finish.
    Furthermore, to reduce confusion the multiaxis toolpaths have been consolidated and are now grouped by either a pattern or application toolpath to make them easier to find. A new 4-axis rotary axis toolpath allows more control over the tool motion through the selection of walls, hubs and shroud surfaces. Finally, the new features of the multiaxis drill module include the use of a line length for the drill depth and recognition of the stock model for depth and top of stock purposes.
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