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    • CommentAuthorYumy
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2017
    A durable, low-cost bioelectrode material for microbial fuel cells was demonstrated by University of Rochester, NY, researchers.
    Metal electrodes corrode when subjected to a wastewater environment, where bacteria donate electrons to drive the electricity generation process. A less expensive option is carbon felt, which is prone to clogging.
    The researchers replaced carbon felt with carbon paste paper electrodes fabricated by coating a regular paper strip with carbon paste made from graphite powder and mineral oil, followed by coating with polyaniline. The electrode was constructed as a layered sandwich of paper, carbon paste, a conducting polymer, and a film of Shewanella oneidensis bacteria which extract toxic heavy metal ions from wastewater.
    The paper electrode generated a current density of 2.24 A m-2, compared to 0.94 A m-2 with the felt anode.

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