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    • CommentAuthorxlalpha
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2017
     Plastic basketball court with good flatness, high compressive strength, hardness and elasticity appropriate, physical properties and stability characteristics, is conducive to athletes speed and technology play, effectively improve the athletic performance, reduce the fall rate. Plastic basketball court is made of polyurethane rubber and other materials, with a certain degree of flexibility and color, with a certain degree of anti-ultraviolet ability and resistance to aging is internationally recognized as the best all-weather indoor and outdoor sports ground floor material.

        Plastic basketball court, suitable for ordinary sports shoes, training shoes, rubber canvas shoes or soft rubber shoes. Plastic basketball court to prohibit all the vehicles driving, plastic basketball court to avoid mechanical impact and friction. Plastic basketball court edge should be protected, not arbitrarily stripping, if found damaged should be promptly repaired.
        Artificial turf will be imitation of leaf-like synthetic fiber, implanted in the woven base fabric, the back coated with a fixed role in the coating with natural grass movement of chemical products. Artificial turf relative to the natural turf sports characteristics of the advantages of uniformity of the site is excellent, flatness is much better, can be fully avoided due to climate, conservation and other factors caused by poor ground conditions, thus affecting the game.
        In general, the plastic basketball court and <a href="">Residential Artificial Grass</a> of the two different materials, plastic basketball court is the runway material, lawn is the stadium, the application is completely independent. But a standard sports fitness equipment field is basically a 40-meter plastic basketball court and 11-a-side football field composition, if you want to hold a formal large-scale track and field competition, the stadium does not use artificial grass, Grass caused damage.
        However, in general, the use of artificial grass will make the site maintenance easier, provincial to fertilization, watering, scissors, crossed and other cumbersome work, therefore, the current ordinary owners will choose to use artificial grass to build Soccer field and choose plastic to decorate the plastic basketball court.